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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tree of Chefs


Tree of Chefs 

The Very Begining 1) Sylvain Bailly – A famous patisserie with a shop near the Palais-Royal + Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord – A French diplomat who was a food connoisseur
   a) Marie-Antoine Careme – “King of Chefs” Started haute cuisine in France
      i) Ulysee Rohant – Chef of Le Petit Moulin Rouge
         (1) Georges Auguste Escoffier – French Chef of Ritz Hotel who had many publishings and was the first “celebrity chef”
             (a) Jean Giroix – Director of Cuisine at the Grand Hotel
Early France
1) Fernand Point
   a) Paul Bocuse
   b) Hubert Keller
      i) Georges Perrier
      ii) Jean Georges
   c) Georges Blanc
      i) Daniel Boulud
   d) Michel Guerard
      i) Daniel Boulud
      ii) Alfred Portale
         1. Tom Colicchio
   e) Roger Verge
Spain Pretty Much Starts it All 
1) Ferran Adria – Chef at El Bulli
   a) Albert Adria – Pastry Chef at El Bulli
   b) Antonio Luis Aduriz – Chef of Mugaritz
   c) Richard Blais – Top Chef Season 4 runner up and owner of Flip Burger
      i) Eli Kirshtein – Chef at Eno
   d) Rene Redzepi – Chef at Noma
   e) Jose Andres – Chef of Mini bar, Jaleo, Zatinya, and more
      i) Michael Voltaggio – Top Chef Season 6 winner, opening Ink
         (1) Marcel Vigneron – Bar 210 and runner up on Season 2 of Top Chef
      ii) Katsuya Fukushima – Chef of Jose Andres Catering, was chef at Minibar
      iii) Joshua Whigman – Chef at The Bazaar
      iv) Michael Isabella – Chef at Graffiato
   f) Grant Achatz – Chef at Alinea
         i) Curtis Duffy – Chef at Avenues
         ii) Alex Stupak – Pastry Chef at WD 50, opening Empellon
         iii) Dave Beran – Chef de Cuisine at Alinea
         iv) Jeff Pikus – Chef de Cuisine at Alinea
         v) Sean Brock - McCrady's Restaurant
   g) Will Goldfarb – Chef at Room Four Dessert
2) Juan Mari Arzak – Chef and Owner of Arzak
   a) Elena Arzak – Chef at Arzak
3) Juan Roca – Chef at el Celler de Can Roca
Modern France and Beyond 
1) Joel Robuchon – Chef of the Century, Started the “Revolution in France”
   a. Eric Ripert – Chef of Le Bernadin
      i. Jennifer Carrol – Chef at 10 Arts, and Finalist on Top Chef Season 6
      ii. Andrew Carmellini – Chef at Locande Verde
      iii. Rocco Dispirito – T.V. Personality
      iv. Francois Payard – Owns a Patisserie and was Pastry Chef at Daniel and Le Bernadin
         1. Johnny Iuzzini – Pastry Chef of Jean Georges
      v. Chris Muller – Chef de Cuisine at Le Bernadin
      vi. Michelle Bernstein – Chef of Michy’s
      vii. Michael Laiskonis – Current Pastry Chef at Le Bernadin
   b. Gordon Ramsay – Chef of numerous Restaurants
   c. Inake Aizpitarte – Chef at Le Chateaubriand
2) Alain Ducasse
   a. Gordon Ramsay – Chef of numerous Restaurants
   b. Laurent Gras – Formerly at L20
1) Thomas Keller – Chef of French laundry and Per Se
   a. Grant Achatz – Chef at Alinea
   b. Richard Blais – Chef at Flip Burger
   c. Rene Redzepi – Chef at Noma
   d. Jonathon Benno – Chef at Lincoln
   e. Gregory Short – Chef at Masa in San Francisco
   f. Eric Ziebold – Chef at Cityzen
   g. Stephen Durfee – Pastry Chef at French Laundry
   h. Corey Lee – Chef at Benu
   i. Zak Pelaccio – Chef at Fatty Crab
   j. Curtis Duffy – Chef at Avenues
   k. Timothy Hollingsworth – Chef at French Laundry and represented America in the Bocuse D’or
   l. Tom Colichio – Craft
      i. Marco Canora – Terroir
      ii. David Chang – Momofuko
      iii. Andrew Carmellini – Lacande Verde
   m. Hung Huynh – Top Chef Season 3 Winner
   n. Eli Kaimeh- Chef de Cuisine at Per Se
2) Charlie Trotter – Chef of Charlie Trotters and more
   a. Grant Achatz – Alinea
      i. See Spain
   b. Rick Tramonto – Tru
   c. Mathias Merges – Formerly Chef at Charlie Tortter’s in Chicago
   d. Paul Virant – Vie
   e. Gale Gand – Tru
   f. Ben Roche – Moto
   g. Homaro Cantu – Moto
3) Charlie Palmer – Chef of Aureole and more
   a. Bryan Voltaggio – Volt
   b. Michael Voltaggio – Ink
      i. See Spain
   c. Michael Mina - Mina
      i. Stephen Hopcraft – Top Chef 7
   d. Rocco Dispirito – TV Personality
   e. Richard Blais – Flip Burger
      i. See Spain
   f. Christopher Lee – Executive Chef at Aureole
   g. Joseph Gabriel – The Pluckemin Inn
      i. Mark Farro – Uproot
4) Jean Georges – Many restaurants
   a. Johnny Iuzzini – Pastry Chef at Jean Georges
   b. Angelo Sosa – Xie Xie
   c. Bryan Caswell – Reef
   d. Jehangir Mehta – Metaphor
   e. Gabriel Kreuther – The Modern
   f. Mark Lapico – Chef de Cuisine at Jean Georges
   g. Wylie Dufresne – WD 50
       i. Alex Stupak – Pastry Chef at WD 50
       ii. Joe Bignelli – Chef De cuisine at WD 50, also won Chopped
   h. Pichet Ong – P*ong Restaurant
   i. Dan Kluger – ABC Kitchen
5) Daniel Boulud – Daniel and many other restaurants
   a. David Bouley – Bouley
      i. Andrew Carmellini – Locande Verde
      ii. Eric Ripert
         1. See Modern France
      iii. Rocco Dispirito – TV Personality
      iv. Georges Mendes – Aldea
      v. Dan Barber – Blue Hill at Stone Barns
      vi. Cesar Ramirez – Brooklyn Fare
   b. Terrance Brennan – Artisinal
   c. Geoffrey ZAkarian – The Lambs Club
      i. Michael Lomanaco – Porter House
   d. Michael Lomanaco – Porter House
   e. Rick Moonen – R & M Seafood
   f. Andrew Carmellini – Locande Verde
   g. Francois Payard – Patisserie
   h. Johnny Iuzzini – Pastry Chef at Jean Georges
   i. Jonathon Benno – The Lincoln
   j. Richard Blais- Flip Burger
   k. Zak Pelaccio – Fatty Cue
   l. Ed Cotton – Plein Sud
6) Paul Bartolotta – Spiaggia
   a. Michael White – Marea and many more
      i. Scott Conant – Scarpetta
7) Mario Batali – Del Posto and many more
   a. Mark Ladner – Chef at Del Posto
   b. Dave Pasternack – Chef at Esca
   c. Andy Nusser – Caso Mono
      i. Ilan Hall – The Gorbals
8) Wolfgang Puck – Spago
   a. Mark Peel – Campanile
   b. Nancy Silverton – Great baker
   c. Eric Ziebold – CityZen
9) Alice Water – Chez Panisse
   a. Jonathon Waxman – Barbuto
      i. Bobby Flay – Mesa Grill
   b. Mark Peel – Peels
   c. Christopher Lee – Chef at Aureole
   d. Richard Blais – Flip Burger
   e. April Bloomfield – The Breslin


  1. Gray Kunz needs to be on this list with his tree.

  2. The tree is not completely done yet. It is just a draft so I wil make changes

  3. You totally forgot Sean Brock under Grant

  4. Hi Teddy,
    Francis Brennan is the chef now at L20. He worked for Charlie Trotter, Francois Payard and Marcus Samuelson. Just FYI. Great job on your tree.

  5. Any other women to add?

  6. Alice Waters and Lydia Bastianich should have a branch and in Modern France, Michelin starred Marie-Claude Gracia of La Belle Gasconne should be added.

  7. Chef Bernard Cretier/ Le Vichyssoise in Chicago
    Cretier's French pedigree is as impressive as any. Born in Vichy, he began his apprenticeship at age 15 with the famed Troisgros brothers, Jean and Pierre, in Roanne and then moved on to Lyons to work under the tutelage of Paul Bocuse. Then came three years at Maxim's in Paris.

    Chef Kurt Fleischfresser/The Coach House in Oklahoma City
    Kurt began his career at Le Vichyssoise in Chicago working under Chef Bernard Cretier, then further honed his culinary skills while working at the following:
    • The French Room at The Adolphus Hotel in Dallas
    • Enjolie at The Mandalay Four Seasons in Los Colinas
    • Vincent’s on Camelback in Phoenix
    • La Champagne at the Registry Resort in Scottsdale.
    In April of 2009, Kurt was awarded the Medaille de Merite by L’Academie de Gastronomie Brillat-Savarin for his contributions in education in the culinary arts. He is one of a few with federal accreditation in the country. He joins the late Julia Child, Alan Wong from Hawaii and renowned celebrity chef Paul Prudhomme as the only four American chefs to receive the honor.