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Monday, November 29, 2010

My books on Food

I currently have 42 books on food (Hopefully will get more for the holidays). These books range from The French Laundry Cookbook to A Day At El Bulli to The Momofuko Cookbook. What books do you guys like and think I would enjoy?
My top five are:
 The Fat Duck Cookbook
The French Laundry Cookbook
My Last Supper
On The Line with Eric Ripert
A return to Cooking with Eric Ripert


  1. I really would love the french laundry cookbook-it just looks like a combo of wonderful items that i would never get to cook otherwise! but whatever you get you will love :)

  2. I really recomend getting the French Laundry Cookbook. As Kevin Gillespie, top chef season 6 finalist, put it, "The French Laundry Cookbook chenged my life".

  3. I would suggest subscribing to Art Culinare. It's a little pricey for a magazine but well worth it. 4 issues a year focusing on the top chefs of the world, great photography and recipes. They are also hardcover which is one of reasons for it's price tag.

  4. Hi, Teddy - Ad Hoc at Home is another winner from Thomas Keller. And it's stuff I'm likely to make at home. Beautiful photos, the same basic design as the French Laundry Cookbook.

    I'm not as oriented towards restaurant cooking as you are, so I had to amazon some of these books. One page leads to another on Amazon, and I found this LETTERS TO A YOUNG CHEF by Daniel Boulud, which you might like (if you don't already have it): I haven't read it -- I haven't been a "young chef" in decades -- but it seemed right up your alley.

    My favorite food is Italian, and over the years, I have liked cooking from Giuliano Bugialli's books better than Marcella Hazan's. His first book is THE FINE ART OF ITALIAN COOKING, and I recommend it to everyone who likes Italian food. It's OOP, but you can get a copy for 0.01 on Amazon Marketplace.

    Anyhow, best of luck to you. Did you get any cookbooks for Christmas?

  5. I have Ad Hoc + Letters To a Young Chef

    For chrismas I got Pierre Gagnaire Reinventing French Cuisine. I also got some $ so I am planning to get Noma, Charcuterie by Polycn, and lots more

  6. Check out Modernist Cuisine at Amazon. It's release date is mid-March 2011. People are saying it will be the most important book on cooking of the decade. It weighs 40 pounds.


  7. I follow their blog but the book is just too expensive at the moment

  8. Who is the author of "The Last Supper" you mean "My Last Supper"?