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Monday, November 22, 2010

Top Chef Season 8 !!

I cannot wait until Top Chef Season 8 (December 1st). All of the chefs in the competition are extremely talented. No chefs cannot cook this time, everyone has tons of skill. I am excited to see how Marcel does. He was Michael Voltaggio's sous chef at The Bazaar after his Season 2 performance. I have a feeling that Marcel is much more talented now then when he was on Season 2.

I think the top competitors will be Richard, Jennifer, Angelo, and Tiffani Faison. They are my pick for the top four. Richard and Angelo should have won their season, but choked in the finally.

The All Stars are great, but some of the best chefs in Top Chef were left out (Kevin Gillespie, Bryan Voltaggio, Stefan, and Kenny) :(

Who do you guys think will be the toughest competitors?


  1. I'm routing for Richard, Jennifer & Tre. I used to really like Casey until she interfered with Carla's dish.

  2. Wasn't her fault. Carla should have been in control of her dishes.

  3. way to hard to tell.

  4. I was really disappointed that Kenny was left out, but I guess that you could really only put in 2 chefs from season 7. Tiffany is a solid chef and I'm guessing that Angelo's arrogance & scheming makes for good TV.

    I'd like to see Spike or Tre win.