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Saturday, October 30, 2010


When I was at Shop Rite today in Bound brook I saw something that made me very happy. They had calf brains, calf tongue, and calf heart. I got all three and cannot wait to cook them soon. I have eaten heart before at Uproot, but I have never eaten brains or tongue. I am looking through the French Laundry Cookbook and The Complete Robuchon to get tips on how to prepare them. So far I think I am going to pair the brain with scrambled egg. I might pickle the tongue and make a play on corned beef. I might do heart two ways. I will use some for a tartar (Chris Cosentino of Incanto makes this) and them I will braise some with aromatics and stock.

From the camera all of the organs look very similar, but however they are very different.

How do you guys think I should prepare my offal?


  1. I've never cooked brain, heart or tongue. Recently, I bought 4 lamb kidneys from the Arthur Avenue market, and made Chris Cosentino's seared lamb kidney recipe. It was awesome, but I couldn't quite get rid of the smell.

    So what did you make?

  2. That sounds delicous.
    The heart was simply grilled with salt, pepper, lemon, and thyme. Tongue was braised with beef stock and aromatics. Brains went bad:(