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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dish Idea

Scallop Crudo with raw shaved candy beets, lemon creme fraiche, pickled chilies and pickled mushrooms, olive oil powder, and thyme "air".
 I would slice the scallops thinly as well as the beets. I would put the lemon creme fraiche on the bottom of a rectangular plate artistically. Then I would alternately plate a slice of scallop with a slice of beet until there was a good sized portion. I would sprinkle some olive oil powder around the dish. The olive oil powder is made by mixing 60 % olive oil with 40% N-ZORBIT M together. On top would go some of the pickled chillies and pickled mushrooms. Thyme air would be dolloped on top which would be made by frothing thyme water. I would garnish with fresh micro thyme and Fleur Del sel.
This dish would taste well because it has a great balance of salt (Fleur Del sel), spice and herbs(chillies and thyme air), umami (mushroom, scallop, beet, and creme fraiche), sweetness (beets and scallop), acid (creme fraiche) textural contrast (crunchy beets and delicate scallops), and fat from the creme fraiche and olive oil.

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