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Monday, January 3, 2011

CAP'N Crunch "Mousse" with Powdered Peanut Butter, Banana, Grape

Everyone has a few ideas that they did not invent, but wish they did. Mine is cereal milk soft serve ice cream (They serve this at Momofuku Milk Bar). For years I have loved gulping down the left over milk from my cereal and never realized that it could be used as a delicious custard base. 

I started off by "infusing" the CAP'N Crunch with cream and salt for 10 minutes and then strained the cereal out. I added the infused cream to the ISI Creative Whip and charged it once with nitrous oxide and gave it a good shake.

I let the mixture sit in the fridge for about two hours before extruding it.

Then to make the powdered peanut butter I blended 40% N-ZorbitB and 60% peanut butter (By Weight, Not Volume).

The powdered peanut butter to the eye looks dry, but when the saliva in your mouth reacts with the powdered peanut butter it breaks the bond and turns it back into normal peanut butter. (This can be done with any food product that is high in fat like oils, caramels, chocolate, pork fat, etc.)

Next, I sliced grapes and a banana and seasoned them with salt. I also crushed up some CAP'N Crunch and put that in the center of the plate to keep the quennele of whipped cream from moving around.

I loved the dish, it was very playful, but there should have been more whipped cream on the plate...

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