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Monday, April 18, 2011

Whole Squab with Confit Onion and Garlic, Pea Shoots, Lime, Smoked Salt

Thanks to D'argantan I was able to procure an awesome NY Dressed Squab, head and all. I broke down the bird into it's two breasts, legs, wings, and head. The process is the same as when you fabricate a chicken, except the product is much smaller, so you have to be more gentle and delicate.

Next, I seasoned the bird with lime zest, smoked sea salt, pepper, and grated ginger. I let the squab marinade while it tempered up to room temperature.

Once up to temperature, I seared the squab in a very hot pan until the skin was crispy. Butter, thyme, and garlic was added to the pan and the basting began.

The rested squab was plated with some simply dressed pea tendrils and confit onion and garlic. Delicious!

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