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Monday, February 7, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Would you rather go and eat at Per Se or get "The Modernist Cuisine"?

Which would be of more value in regards to learning?

Hopefully I am going to find a way to do/get both, but if not I am going to need help deciding.


  1. Get the book, you can always go to per se later...there is infinite information in the book...

  2. except that the book means you also need to buy a ton of equipment, most of which is very expensive. The book is meant for professionals, so I wouldn't buy it unless you have much of the equipment they use.

    Do you even have a sous vide teddy? If not I'd pass on the book for now...

  3. Valid Point, I personally do not own an immersion circulator, but still learning all of the material in the book can be put to use later when I eventually find the money to get some of the equipment. Maybe I will wit it out and see if the price drops....

  4. I'd give a body limb to just hold that set.....If you've got the money get the books...or just send that dough my way and ill take advantage of it.

  5. If I had the $ I would already have it....but I am saving up.