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Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Best ShortRibs

My grandparents were coming over so they always like when I cook for them. So I was cooking for my grandparents and family, so it was 8 people. I knew I wanted to make short Ribs. I was inspired from Angelo Sosa's winning dish on Top Chef on the episode before the finally. His dish was Ginger LAquered Short Ribs. For the Short Ribs (bone in) I dusted them with flour, salt, and pepper, and seared them in a dutch oven in batches. Next I cooked down onions, shallots, garlic, and carrot in the beef fat. Then I added soy sauce, woustechire sauce, homemade beef stock, siracha, fresh orange and lemon juice, ginger, and corriander. I put the seared short ribs back in a and put the lid on the Dutch Oven. 275 Degrees for 3 hours. When they were done I deboned then and strained the braising liquid. Then I chilled the braising liquid and skimmed the fat off. I added the clarified braising liquid to a pan and reduced it. Then I glazed the short ribs with the glaze. Finally I added fresh cilantro and dill that elevated the dish to a whole new level. I plated the dish with shaved radishes, eggplant puree, and roasted bone marrow. It was extremely delicious. Everyone loved it.

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